Are you into information security and privacy? Do you wanna make privacy and data protection different? Do you thrive in a challenging environment?

At IT2S Group, we don’t worry about your certifications, degrees, or years of expertise. We’re a senior team looking for candidates who are intelligent, eager to learn, and ready to make difference.

Despite of your experience with information security and privacy, we would like open minded candidates ready to create a new way to work with those disciplines and compromised to deliver superior results. We believe that privacy and data protection should be less paperwork and more straight to the point to avoid impacts on the company agility and delivery to its customers.

What can you expect from us?

We’re a growing company doing our best to provide our people with…

  • Share
    An agile and high performance environment for passionate and purpose drive professionals, with colleagues who you will shared knowledge and respect.
  • Collaborate
    A organization system where everyone is encouraged in participate in establishing company goals and initiatives.
  • Grow
    Opportunities to identify and grow abilities and knowledge in different domains of knowledge according with your personal interest and challenges.

About us

As a company, our reason is to be the most innovative information security company by redesigning the way how information security interact with users in agile world.

We believe that…

done is better than perfect: delivering small results continuously is better than take too long to delivery something perfect.

trust the Reason is essential to get a great job done, that’s why we value our purpose and people who have the same beliefs than us.

… keep it simple is key to delivery value in an efficient way and without creating barriers to business.

… professionals with the “own it” behavior take more leadership and responsabilities to get things done.

live the Journey​ is enjoy every step to accomplish something, it’s a matter of “what’s happening now” and not “wait for when it happens”.

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